My 2015

It’s a little late for the new year, but I thought I’d try and summarise my 2015.

I was inspired by John Resig’s blog post to try and contribute to my side project OMERO.figure every day. For a while I had been sporadically working on it and not making as much progress as I’d wanted.

Starting on the 1st of January 2015, I began daily contributions to OMERO.figure that lasted until after the 1.1.0 release in April. After a summer break, I started another github streak until after the next major release in November.

In July, OMERO.figure was adopted by the OME project. So it’s less of a side project now.

Having added a bunch of key functionality in 2015, I think I will probably focus a little less on OMERO.figure in 2016.

Written on January 6, 2016