About Me

I am a web developer living near Dundee in Scotland.

Originally a biologist, I now work on the web client of the OMERO project.

I created OMERO.figure, a web app for creating figures from your microscope images.


I came to Dundee to do a Phd in cell biology with Paul Clarke and then joined the lab of Jason Swedlow as a post-doc. The lab does a lot of cell biology and microscopy and Jason’s group also develops software to handle microscopy data: The OME project.

The OME developers based in Dundee work on OMERO, a client-server platform for managing microscopy data.

After 3 years in the lab, I decided that I wanted to be a developer. I left to do an MSc in Applied Computing at Dundee Uni. This included a 6-month project back in the Swedlow lab, working on a Java-based lab notebook that became OMERO.editor.

I then returned to Jason’s group as a full-time developer, initially continuing to work on OMERO.editor, then switching to Python and the OMERO.web client.

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